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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daily Chroma Fix

Navel - Sherwin-Lewis SW6887
Since painting an accent wall orange in my previous bedroom I've been obsessed with the colour. Orange is said to make promote your appetite and judging by my late night eating habits I'd say that's correct. So here's an image of a kitchen, the room psychologically better suited for this colour. What do you think? Any other place you'd like to see this Navel orange?

Scavolini Kitchen


  1. I love this colour! Reminds me of my childhood bedroom!
    Scavolini kitchens.. ah.. my favourite! the orange looks amazing in this application. This is a powerful colour but it works perfectly! I also think that this colour would look great in a child's playroom as accent colours to make the space fun, bright and inviting.

  2. i knew you'd love the scavolini kitchen! I think this colour would also look great in a beach house, with some cool blues! Stuble complementary accents.