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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Window Shopping

I spent my first free Friday browsing the shops at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto and of course it was the boldest patterns and contrasts that caught my eye. Here's a few highlights my favourite products out on the shelves right now. Which ones do you like?

Painterly High Heels and matching purse. Love the way organic paint patterns are everywhere now!

Just enough Neon for me to love them! Both shoes from Aldo.

Headed over to Crate and Barrel. Love these vases.

Blue and white. I can't get enough thanks to my nostalgic love for the childhood china my mom used to have.

A shade for every day.

because if there isn't enough GREEN in your outdoor place setting, hit up the chairs! Crate and Barrel

Lovely Rainbow mixing bowls!

I will buy these! like next week! I love huge mugs and these are painted with highlighter yellows, oranges, and greens! So Lovely. only 6.95 from Crate and Barrel

Glass jars and bottles are my weakness, this vintage inspired bottle is a perfect for a picnic or just a fun table top accent.

Then it was off to Indigo. As much as I love books, they have some of the greatest accessories. Wish List? this tote bag and a lovely creme orange scarf.

Artistic drips on a lovely organic background.

Rich detail. They have a lovely Peacock theme going on right now.

Chromatic and Organic

More great vases, these glass ones have just a single "stroke" of colour. Love it, they also come in green,

Not very colourful, but there is just somthing so wonderful about thick knits!

A colourful image + linen view port + wood frame = perfection

Last stop was American Eagle, This store has just had a great renovation, so if you haven't checked out the store, expect a bit of UrbanOutfittersesque with some ocean flavour. This dress is my summer inspiration! Bring on the sunshine please. Also on sale, so the day ended fabulously.

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