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Friday, May 4, 2012


As a painter my medium of choice is mainly acrylic, however there is a growing infatuation for all things watercolour! There is something about the delicate lines and playful interaction with water that creates an airy quality that melts my heart. But the real kicker is the unexpected range of VIBRANCY you can create with this medium. And It's not just flowers and sunsets. This post was inspired by my personal love for the medium and the unexpected "Decorating with: Painterly Storkes" section of LivingETC's April issue. Here's a round up of watercolour popups ! 

Silk Scarf - Desira Pesta via Etsy

 I have an obsession with scarfs, however this amazing one is not in my collection yet!

Watercolour Palette Iphone Cover  - CRAFIC via Etsy
 This Iphone cover is my favourite! Definitely an inspiration to get painting. Now I just need an Iphone.. ?

Watercolour map - Michael Tompsett
 Such a wonderful watercolour by Michael Tompsett. Rich in chroma but still delicate and beautiful.

Watercolour Lessons Tank - Mod Cloth
 Love the idea of this tank, however I'm much more compelled to try my hand at making my own version with a nice hot day and some painterly fun! I'll keep you posted on that future DIY project.

Diamond Watercolour Broach - Emily Green
 This broach were definitely made for me. Diamonds and watercolour! GENIUS! Another wish list item.

Watercolour Landscape  Fabric - Pedroso & Osorio via LivingETC
 This was the loveseat that inspired this post. The image is taken from LivingETC's April issue. The fabric is from a Portuguese company selling to most of Europe with showrooms in Lisbon and Madrid. It would be a dream to check out their gorgeous fabrics in person one day.

Assorted Painted Cups - Lowri Davies

This collection of cups by Lowri Davis is playful and delicate like a traditional watercolour, but she adds some stronger accented areas to hold the images. Lovely. 

The Alley - Monique Medeiros

Avo's View - Monique Medeiros

These two paintings were done by me after my trip to Terceria, Azores, Portugal last summer. Best trip so far. My favourite feature of the island was the cobble streets and little houses piled up along the sides.



  1. This was a fun post to research for. Watercolours are popping up everywhere!

  2. Water coloring I one of my favorite types of painting styles when the brush hits the canvas and the paints kind of explodes off the brush it's at times like fireworks on paper or canvas... The interaction of the colours is a true art form and fakes skill to make something great. IE the water colour world and broach really nice ... JM