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Friday, March 30, 2012


I recently attended the Interior Design Show '12 in Toronto.
Two most memorial chroma rich pieces are as follows!

The Spider Phoebe Leisure Chair by Limitless. 
This chair instantly freaked me out a little because of it's resemblance to a spider, however, the colour just screamed "I'm a fun spider!", I had to take a seat on it. It was surprisingly comfortable and body fitting. A definite focal point in a room, I could see this chair as the future book lover's dream.

Obviously they would be reading from an Ipadkoboereader device.

Check out the spec sheet here.

Silk Orchid Rugs by Elte
I'm new to the world of fine rugs, but I knew when I touched this silk orchid rug by Elte, I was touching something extremely special. These rugs are are made from vintage sari dresses by recycling the silk
Amazing brilliance in artistry and hue! 

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